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[x] I've told someone goodbye and we both end up walking in the same direction. 
[ ] I've been blamed looking at a girl's boobs because she had on a graphic tee and I just wanted to see what it says. 
[x] I've correctly mentally solved a math question in my head, but used a calculator anyways to make sure it was right.

Total: 2

[ ] I've thought I looked good in the mirror, only to take the picture to see I came out looking like a troll. 
[ ] I have over 500 songs on my iPod but I'm not in the mood to listen to any of them. 
[ ] The only thing I know on a test is my name. 
[x] I've tried to tell a friend a joke but I couldn't stop laughing. When I finally get the joke out they don't get it.

Total: 3

[x] I thought I did good on a test only to get a D or an F. 
[x] I've tried to explain a song to my friends and didn't wanna sing it but they made me anyways. 
[x] I've fallen up the stairs. 

total: 6

 [x] I've sent a text message to a friend and realized I made some errors and typos. But of course it's too late to go back and change them. 
[x] Your friends are singing Happy Birthday to you and you reply, "Awww. Thanks, you too!" It's not their birthday. 
[x] Someone tells a funny joke and you're the only person still laughing when everyone else has calmed down. 
[ ] I've accidentally typed <nobr>my password</nobr> in the username slot 

total: 9

[ ] Having a dream, within a dream, within a dream. 
[ ] Being the only second grader with roseart crayons because you're mom was to cheap to buy crayola. 
[x] Saving a file "ghjk" only to realize there's already a file on your computer with that name.
[x] Made eye contact with someone while they're eating a banana.
[x] My teacher told me to read aloud during class but I don't know what page we are on.  
[  ] Talked to someone on facebook only to have them delete their comment and it looks like I'm talking to myself. 

total: 12

[ ] I've walked home from somewhere to see a white van just parked there and I assume it's the ice cream man. 
[ ] I've dropped money or change in front of a hobo. 
[x] Singing and Dancing really loud in the car only to turn my head and see the person next to me with this face...0_o 
[x] I've looked both ways down a one way street. 
[x] I've been caught talking to myself and tried to play it off. 

Total: 15

Final Total: 15

Divide by 25 then multiply by 100. For title post as "I am ___% awkward."


Brittany Gamble
Current Residence: Canada
Favourite genre of music: almost all of them

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